About the project

Hidden Foods is a 5-year research project led by Dr Emanuela Cristiani at the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Hidden Foods explores a poorly known aspect of early human prehistory, the role of plant foods in hunter-gatherer societies, through the study of three different categories of archaeological materials: ground stone tools, macro-botanical and human skeletal remains. The project will focus on Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies of southeast Europe and Italy.

Project latest news

DR Anita Radini from BioArch (University of York, UK) Visiting Professor in Rome!

Dr Anita Radini, from BioArCh (University of York) has recently joint the HIDDEN FOODS Team as an Invited Visiting Professorship at the "DANTE" Laboratory for the study of Diet and Ancient Technology,...

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NEW! Dental calculus and isotopes provide direct evidence of fish and plant consumption in Mesolithic Mediterranean

A new contribution from the HIDDEN FOODS team! We use a combination of dental calculus and stable isotope analyses to dismantle the assessed role of marine resources and plant foods in Holocene forage...

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